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Additional Courses

​​​​​​​TEACH also offers a selection of additional modules focused on specific populations or topics related to cessation and substance use treatment that are currently not included in the certificate program. A list of upcoming courses can be found below: 

Please note, these courses are not part of the TEACH Certificate Program. For more information on TEACH certificate program requirements, please visit here​


Fundamentals of Tobacco Interventions for Dental Professionals

This faculty-moderated course is designed to help oral health professionals screen, assess and treat dental patients with tobacco dependence by applying evidence-based interventions including psychosocial approaches and prescribing pharmacotherapy. 

Cost: $250 CAD
Next offered: TBD

ABI (1) (1).png Tobacco Interventions with Youth and Young Adults

In this self-study course, learners will gain the knowledge, skills and abilities to provide a client-centred, biopsychosocial approa​ch to screen, engage and treat youth and young adult clients for tobacco use. The learner will be able to design a treatment program for such clients.

Cost: TBD
Next offered: TBD

ABI (1).png

Adapting Substance Use Treatment for People with Acquired Brain Injury

This faculty-moderated course is designed to help healthcare providers recognize the signs of acquired brain injury (ABI) in their clients living with substance use disorder and give them the tools to confidently support their clients through their recovery journey.  

Cost: ​$400 CAD
Next offered: ​TBD


Treating Concurrent Tobacco and Cannabis Use Disorder

In this self-study course, learners will acquire the skills, knowledge, and abilities to identify, assess, and provide treatment to clients with concurrent tobacco and cannabis use disorders. Learners will be able to design a treatment plan for such clients, using a client-centred, and biopsychosocial approach.

Cost: TBD
Next offered: TBD

Tobacco Interventions in Cancer Care Settings

Healthcare providers will learn how to address tobacco use in cancer care settings. Providers will receive the tools to confidently support their clients through their cancer care journey. Tools will include ways to assess tobacco use, to deliver brief interventions, and offer best practice approaches to cessation. ​

Cost: ​Free


Intermediate Practice in Motivational Interviewing

This self-study Motivational Interviewing (MI) Training course provides intermediate-level practice for health professionals working in respiratory healthcare who are looking to refresh and/or enhance their MI skills through interactive activities. 

Cost: ​Free
Offered: ​To ac​cess​ the course, click here ​