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​​​​ noun_579735_5a57ab.png​​​​​​​​​​​​For Health Care Provide​rs

Here you can find variety of toolkits and resources for yourself and for use with your patients. 

First Nations IT'S TIME Toolkit: provides culturally-relevant cessation tools to support commercial tobacco cessation or reduction with Indigenous communities.

Inuit IT'S TIME Toolkit: designed to help health care providers support Inuit with tobacco cessation or reduction journeys.

MI Trainers' Toolkit: developed to help support health care providers working in respiratory health care with Motivational Interviewing.

Diabetes Prevention Toolkit:​ can be used to train lay health educators on diabetes prevention and management.


My Change Plan: a workbook patients can use to help put together their quit plan.

 ​My Change Plan Edition 8.pdf​​

Fact Sheets: brief 1-2 page fact sheets on the effects of tobacco use on various aspects of health.

Pharmacotherapy Algorithm.pdf

FR Algorithme Pharmacotherapie.pdf

Tobacco Use and Alcohol.pdf

Tobacco Use and Cancer.pdf

Tobacco Use and Diabetes.pdf

Tobacco Use and Heart Disease.pdf

Tobacco Use and Lung Disease.pdf

Tobacco Use and Physical Activity.pdf

Tobacco Use and Sleep.pdf

Tobacco Use, Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders.pdf

Tobacco Use, Nutrition and Weight.pdf

Tobacco Cessation FAQ.pdf

Smoke Fre​e Long-Term Care Homes Project.pdf

Tobacco-related Policies: latest information on CAMH's tobacco-related policies.​

Tobacco Cessation FAQ: a compendium of frequently asked questions by TEACH participants.​​

noun_88090_5a57ab.pngFor Patie​​​nts

For more resources specific to your patients, please click here.​​