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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The overall goal of the TEACH Project is to offer evidence-based, accredited, accessible, and clinically relevant curricula to a broad range of health care providers to enhance treatment capacity for tobacco cessation interventions.

Course curricula are designed to appeal to health care providers of various disciplines, and the interdisciplinary appeal of TEACH courses is illustrated by the >37 different disciplines that attend each training cohort.

TEACH courses are designed using best practices in adult learning, interprofessional education, and collaboration. To learn more about TEACH Project's philosophy of teaching, click the PDF link: Philosophy of Teaching Statement.pdf ​​

To learn more about the awards received by TEACH, click the PDF link: TEACH Awards and Recognition.pdf

TEACH Project Achievements

The TEACH Project's objective is to ensure that practitioners who serve people who use tobacco have the specialized knowledge and skills to deliver effective, evidence-based cessation intervention. To learn more about these achievements, click here.