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FTI Course

STOP icon.pngCourse Description

Fundamentals of Tobacco Interventions (FTI) is an online, self-study course, adapted and condensed from the TEACH Core Course "An Interprofessional Comprehensive Course on Treating Tobacco Use Disorder." This course is suitable for health care providers implementing the STOP Program. The course is organized into three modules:

  1. ​Understanding Tobacco Use Disorder and the Tobacco Epidemic
  2. Clinical Interventions, Developing Treatment/Quit Plan and Medications for Treatment
  3. The STOP Portal and Program Overview​

STOP icon.png​Course Fee

If your organization is implementing the STOP Program, there is no fee to take this course. 

STOP icon.png​Registration

To register for the FTI course, please email your STOP Coordinator or​

Once the modules have been completed, learners will receive an e-mail confirming their completion of the course.  Please send your letter of completion to your STOP Coordinator or​ and the next steps to implementing the STOP program will be communicated to you.​

Note: The FTI course does not serve as a requirement for the TEACH certificate program.​