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The STOP Portal

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The STOP Portal​ is an online database of STOP Program data for providers. It facilitates data collection and organization, and displays real-time updates and feedback.  

STOP Portal Traini​​ng Videos​

Please ensure that pop-ups are enabled in your browser, as the videos will open in a new window.

STOP icon.pngLoggi​ng in​​​

STOP icon.pngEnrolling Participants & Visit Forms​

STOP icon.pngCompleting an Intervention/Visit Form

STOP icon.pngViewing/Updating a Patient Profile​

STOP icon.pngRe-enrolling Patients

STOP icon.pngNRT Ordering

STOP icon.pngInventory Adjustments​

All the training videos provided below can be found on theyoutube-256.pngSTOP YouTube Channel.

​​STOP icon.pngLogging​ In​​​

A Welcome to the STOP Portal email will be sent to you upon your first log-in to the Portal, containing a URL link and your temporary password.  ​

Logging in for the First Tim​e

STOP icon.pngEnrolling ​​​​Participants and Visit Forms

This flow chart illustrates the available methods of enrolling a participant in the STOP Online Portal. Additionally, you can watch the training videos included below for further clarification.​

ALL completed paper copies of forms MUST be sent to STOP (STOP is required to collect all source documentation). This includes signed consent forms.

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STOP icon.pngCompletin​g an Intervention/Visit Form

This flow chart illustrates the 2 options for filling visit forms. The STOP Portal allows visit form information to be entered directly online. Once your clients have been added to the system, all visits should be entered directly online in order to ensure that patient and site NRT inventories are as up-to-date as possible.​

ALL completed paper copies of forms MUST be sent to STOP. Please ensure that you conduct a self-audit and submit paper copies that are outstanding.

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STOP icon.pngViewing/Updating a Patient Profile

​​1. Patient Follow​​​​-ups​

STOP follow-ups are conducted at 3-, 6-, and 12-months after enrollment. ​

​2. Marking Patien​ts as Deceased or Withdrawn

  • Deceased: The STOP team will follow-up with the reporting site in order to prepare a Serious Adverse Event report.
  • Withdrawn: An email is sent to site implementers when a client is withdrawn from their site (either when initiated by the site or by STOP staff).​
Marking Patients as Deceased

​3. Viewing Dispe​nsed NRT

Entering client visit forms on the STOP Portal enables accurate representation of the total number of weeks of NRT dispensed to that client. It also allows you to easily track the individual’s progress.​

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STOP icon.pngRe-enrolli​​ng ​​Patients

Clients can be re-enrolled in STOP if:

  1. ​They continue to meet the enrollment criteria, and 
  2. One year has lapsed since their most recent enrollment

If you are re-enrolling a client, please ensure that participant ID is prefixed appropriately, as indicated in operations training (i.e., ‘R1-;’ for first re-enrollment, ‘R2-‘ for second re-enrollment, etc).​

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STOP icon.pngNRT Orderi​ng

Main collaborators can order and receive NRT inventory though the portal.

Entering client visit forms on the STOP Portal enables accurate representation of NRT inventory, as this information is updated in real-time.

STOP icon.pngInventory Adjustme​​nts

If you are transferring your NRT inventory to another site, or dispensing a sample box of short-acting NRT, you can log this information via Inventory Adjustment. You must provide a justification for the adjustment using the “comments” section.​

​​Inventory Adjustments ​​