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​​​​​​​​​​At the Nicotine Dependence Services, we approach research through innovation​, integration, and improvement. Learn more about our research projects by clicking one of the options below:​

​Research ​​​Opportunities for Pa​tients​​​

​​Interested in being a part of the research involving those who use tobacco? Learn about the research opportunities available to patients.

​​​Research with Pro​​​viders

To help improve healthcare practice with patients, it's important to understand practice as it's done by service providers. Information about research being conducted with service providers is available here.

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​​New STOP ​Initiativ​es

The STOP Program has a series of quality improvement initiatives that address tobacco use and other comorbid issues.

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​​Research Training Opportunities

There are many research training opportunities available at the NDS, these include:
  • Research Co-Op Students and Research Placement Summer Students​
  • Research Pract​icum Students
  • Research Volunteers
Our scientists offer expertise in the areas of epidemiology, public health, addictions, pharmacology, evaluation design, and implementation (quantitative and qualitative).​​

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presentations content for professionals.jpg

Presentations Content For Professionals

Knowledge mobilization and knowledge production are equally as important at the Nicotine Dependence Service. ​Our scientists and staff deliver lectures and presentation in a variety of areas from public health to epidemiology and knowledge translation.

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