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Services at the NDC



This group happens weekly. It is an open group meaning that attendance is optional. The group is meant to help provide support, tips to quitting, and help prevent relapse.


Our nurse and physicians are available for consultation to speak to you about tobacco cessation medication. Please see your family doctor or specialized health care provider to manage other health concerns.

​These appointments can also be used to discuss nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and other tobacco cessation medication options:

  • Short-acting NRT: gum, lozenges/mini-lozenges, nasal spray, inhaler
  • Long-acting NRT: patches (7mg, 14mg, 21mg)
  • Other tobacco cessation medications: bupropion (Zyban/Wellbutrin), varenicline (Chantix/Champix)

Ask during your appointment if you're eligible to receive free NRT for up to 26 weeks (STOP Program)


"Getting Started" Works​​hop

All new patients attend a 90 minutes information session ("Getting Started" workshop) where they learn about the NDC and its services, different medications that are available to help you quit tobacco use, and how to get started in developing a quit/change plan around tobacco cessation.

Nutrition, Healthy Eating, and T​​​obacco Cessation Workshop

This 3 hour workshop will help you learn about the link between weight, food and nutrition, and quitting or reducing tobacco use. This workshop will talk about the potential reasons for weight gain, ways to minimize weight gain, the connection between food and mood, Canada food guide recommendations, Canada Physical Activity guide, and community resources you might be able to use.

Stress Management Grou​p

Life is filled with stressors. Sometimes using tobacco helps with the stress. In the stress management group, patients will have a chance to learn how to manage their stress with new skills and tools; instead of using tobacco.​​​

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Action Group​

There at 6 sessions to this group where you learn how to change your tobacco use by examining your thoughts and emotions.

​4-week Skills Group

Learn about getting unstuck when it comes to quitting, developing a change plan, sticking to the change plan, and relapse prevention. These topics will be talked about in 4 separate weeks.

Arts and Crafts Grou​p (the "Art of Distraction" Group)

Creativity and distractions are helpful in the quitting process. In this group you will participate in creating arts and crafts as well as having an opportunity to talk about quitting tobacco use.

Mood Managemen​​t Group

Does low mood and/ or feelings of anxiety or stress get in the way of changing your tobacco use? Patients can attend this 6 week Mood Management group to learn more about the factors that impact mood and to develop strategies for managing mood.

Tobacco and Other Substances Group

Are you currently using tobacco or have quit within the last month, and are also having challenges with your use of other substances such as alcohol, cannabis, opiates, cocaine or other psychoactive drugs? In this 6-week group you'll learn how to reduce and eliminate your use of tobacco and other substances.

​​follow-up icon.pngFOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS​

An individual session is booked after you complete the "Getting Started" workshop to complete an assessment with a therapist, and to discuss treatment goals and questions. Continued follow-up appointments can be made to help reach treatment goals.