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Welcome to INTREPID Lab (formerly Nicot​ine Dependence​ Service)

​​​​​​A ​​leading ​hub ​​for​ smoking and​ ​​vaping treatment, ​​research & education​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​    ​  E​​nroll to Quit Smoking      ​​​​​​            ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​   Courses for Practitioners   ​​​​​​​​



What We Do​





Medication and behavioural treatment options, including the Nicotine Dependence Clinic and STOP program, to help people quit smoking tobacco. 

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Research & Projects

Research & quality improvement projects exploring novel treatments for tobacco use & comorbid conditions, and enhanced access to inclusive care.

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Accredited trainings offered by our TEACH team for providers in tobacco use treatment, chronic disease prevention, diabetes, cannabis, and other topics.​

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Knowledge Mobilization

Shortening the time gap in translating research into practice. Using the Learning Health System model to rapidly iterate treatment programs.

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E-Cigarettes & Vaping

Upcoming and recorded sessions with experts discussing emerging evidence on e-cigarettes, vaping and clinical guidance.

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Virtual Care

NEW! We now offer STOP on the Net, an online program ​supporting Ontarians to quit smoking. If eligible, you will receive up to 8 weeks of free NRT.

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W​​e have created a 
Learning Health System ​

For smoking cessation​e-cigarette use and related risk factors and symptoms: hazardous drinking, depression, physical inactivity, poor nutrition.

A growing platform for more interventions, it is for healthcare systems & organizations. Adaptable to non-healthcare wellness service providers. 
▶​ A ​solution with all stakeholders in mind

Equitable, quality quit smoking treatment. Improved outcome.
Automation and actionable just-in-time information. 
Reduced cost of implementation.

 By the Numbe​rs​


Patients Treated

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Partner Organizations


​Practitioners Trained


Accredited courses

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 Our Publications

We have a growing repository of publications from 2008 to present day which reflect the diversity of work we do in treatment, research, education, knowledge mobilization, and innovation. ​Check back often for the latest updates! 

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 News and Events

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Upcoming Events​​
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Latest News
Our name change to INTREPID Lab
You may start to see on our website, content, social media, and more that we're changing our name to INTREPID Lab! This name change is in response to growing community needs, increased capacity, and reflects our expansion and applying interdisciplinary approaches towards tobacco and vaping cessation, chronic disease prevention and management, and behavior change strategies. For more check out our name change FAQ!
Presenting: INTREPID Lab newsletter!
The INTREPID Lab at CAMH (formerly Nicotine Dependence Service) is thrilled to share the launch of our first newsletter! You may know us as the home of STOP, STOP on the Net, as well as the TEACH project. Did you know we also run clinical services, work with communities to develop culturally relevant and tailored tools, and are involved with many digital health innovations, including developing the My Change Plan App to help folks quit smoking? Fresh news, straight to your inbox! Sign up to receive our bi-annual newsletter and stay up to date with INTREPID Lab.
The NDS gets Recognized for Their Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
We have officially received 2022-2023 I.D.E.A.L. Bioscience EmployerTM Recognition from @BioTalentCanada. This recognition is for making practices of inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility leadership a priority. For more information about the 2023 I.D.E.A.L. Bioscience EmployerTM Recognition Program click here