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Welcome to th​e Nicot​ine Dependence​ Service

​​​​​​A ​​leading ​hub ​​for​ smoking and​ ​​vaping treatment, ​​research & education​

Commercial tobacco & nicotine addiction treatment. O​nline courses for providers to 
increase competency in smoking cessation & other behaviour change interventions.​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​    ​  E​​nroll to Quit Smoking      ​​​​​​            ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​   Courses for Practitioners   ​​​​​​​​



What We Do​





Medication and behavioural treatment options, including the Nicotine Dependence Clinic and STOP program, to help people quit smoking tobacco. 

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Research & Projects

Research & quality improvement projects exploring novel treatments for tobacco use & comorbid conditions, and enhanced access to inclusive care.

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Accredited trainings offered by our TEACH team for providers in tobacco use treatment, chronic disease prevention, diabetes, cannabis, and other topics.​

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Knowledge Mobilization

Shortening the time gap in translating research into practice. Using the Learning Health System model to rapidly iterate treatment programs.

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E-Cigarettes & Vaping

Upcoming and recorded sessions with experts discussing emerging evidence on e-cigarettes, vaping and clinical guidance.

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Virtual Care

NEW! We now offer STOP on the Net, an online program ​supporting Ontarians to quit smoking. If eligible, you will receive up to 8 weeks of free NRT.

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W​​e have created a 
Learning Health System ​

For smoking cessation​e-cigarette use and related risk factors and symptoms: hazardous drinking, depression, physical inactivity, poor nutrition.

A growing platform for more interventions, it is for healthcare systems & organizations. Adaptable to non-healthcare wellness service providers. 
▶​ A ​solution with all stakeholders in mind

Equitable, quality quit smoking treatment. Improved outcome.
Automation and actionable just-in-time information. 
Reduced cost of implementation.

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Patients Treated

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Accredited courses

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 Our Publications

We have a growing repository of publications from 2008 to present day which reflect the diversity of work we do in treatment, research, education, knowledge mobilization, and innovation. ​Check back often for the latest updates! 

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 News and Events

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Upcoming Events​​
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Latest News
The NDS gets Recognized for Their Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
We have officially received 2022-2023 I.D.E.A.L. Bioscience EmployerTM Recognition from @BioTalentCanada. This recognition is for making practices of inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility leadership a priority. For more information about the 2023 I.D.E.A.L. Bioscience EmployerTM Recognition Program click here
CAN-ADAPTT part of the latest update of C-CHANGE for cardiovascular disease management
Our CAN-ADAPTT guidelines are part of the newly updated C-CHANGE guideline for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in primary care! The Canadian Cardiovascular Harmonized National Guideline Endeavour (C-CHANGE) provides coordinated recommendations on cardiovascular disease (CVD) from 11 Canadian guidelines. Click here to view C-CHANGE.
Free, Online Smoking Cessation Program: STOP on the Net – Available Now in English & French!
With the funding support of the Ontario Ministry of Health, the Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients (STOP) Program has launched the fully-virtual STOP on the Net Program, both in English & French! STOP on the Net is an online research program designed to support individuals 18+ years to attempt to quit smoking. Join today from the comfort of your home and receive free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) patches and gum/lozenges mailed to your address.