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Radon and Lung Cancer

Radon is a gas formed by the breakdown of uranium, a natural radioactive material found in all soil and rock. Long-term exposure to radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer after smoking, and the leading cause of lung cancer for people who have never smoke​d. Not everyone exposed to radon will develop lung cancer, and the time between exposure and the onset of the disease can take many years. The risk from radon exposure for a smoker (including those exposed to second hand smoke) is much greater than for a non-smoker. 

Health Canada has developed a factsheet entitled RADON: Another Reason to Quit, targeting this at-risk audience: 

Educating health care professionals is a priority for Health Canada's National Radon Program, and they have worked with Ontario College of Family Physicians and MacHealth to have a one hour accredited radon continuing medical education course developed:           (English) 

Earn 1 Mainpro-M1 credit by taking a 1 hour online course designed to help health professionals answer patients’ questions about the health risks of radon and the need to test their home and reduce their family’s exposure based on Health Canada’s national radon awareness program.

For more information, please visit: 

To find a test kit or professional to measure the radon level in your home visit:  

Additional resources: