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Program Policy

The Training Enhancement in Applied Cessation Counselling and Health (TEACH) Project is designed to ensure that individuals who provide counselling services to tobacco users in the public, private, and non-profit sectors can obtain knowledge and skill in the delivery of intensive cessation interventions.

Qualified health professionals who work in Ontario pay only the TEACH administrative fee; The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care covers the actual cost of this workshop for new applicants. Course registration and materials are covered, with travel and accommodation costs also covered based on organizational resources and need. If participants do not show up for the course or do not cancel attendance, hotel accommodation or travel according to the condition outlined in the application form, your organization will be charged all expenses that the TEACH program incurs, including cost of the course materials.
Each application is subject to a review process. The TEACH courses are targeted to those practitioners who have the ability to deliver intensive cessation interventions. Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria: (1) Level of clinical contact, (2) Ability to influence organizational change (i.e., offering intensive cessation programming), (3) Geographical need to build capacity, (4) Service to specific populations with high tobacco use prevalence, (5) Ability to meet prerequisite criteria for each course. Due to the volume of applications that we receive during each registration period we are unable to admit all applicants into the courses. Applications that are not accepted are placed on a stand-by list. Applicants who applied for the Core Course and were not accepted but eligible to attend will be given priority for the next TEACH Certificate Program. These applicants will be required to re-submit an application and this does not guarantee acceptance into the next iteration. Please note there is no wait list for applicants that do not gain acceptance to the Specialty Course of their choice.

Once notified of acceptance, the following terms and conditions will apply to your enrollment:
TEACH has a no-transfer policy. Once an application is approved, the space belongs to the registrant and not the organization. If the registrant cancels, the available space will go to an applicant on our wait list.
The TEACH Project has implemented a new policy (effective April 1, 2015) affecting all participants who have completed and obtained their University of Toronto Certificate in Intensive Cessation Counselling (i.e. completed the Core Course and one Specialty Course) and wish to attend an additional in-person TEACH specialty course. This policy stipulates that travel, accommodation, & course fees for any additional in-person specialty courses will no longer be subsidized by the TEACH Project. We do strongly encourage past participants and Certificate Program completers to return for Specialty courses to continue learning specialized tobacco interventions for specific populations; however, the costs associated with attending these courses will need to be absorbed by the participant and/or their organization.  

Those working within Ontario who would like to return for an additional in-person Specialty course will be required to pay a $500 course fee along with all costs associated with travel and accommodation. This policy will not apply to those who have yet to complete all mandatory requirements and obtain their Certificate (i.e. have taken the Core Course and still need to attend a Specialty course) or to new students. Those who would like to return for an additional online Specialty course will not be required to pay any additional course fees (for those working within Ontario only). 

Out of province applicants will be required to pay $350 course fee for each online Core Course and $300 for each online Specialty Course taken. 

We thank you for your cooperation in observing this new policy. 
Please direct questions about additional course fees to
Participants who wish to complete the TEACH Core Course must adhere to the TEACH exam policy outlined below:

TEACH Examination Policy.pdfTEACH Examination Policy.pdf

We thank you for your cooperation in observing this new policy.

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