Motivational Interviewing in respiratory health care Trainers' Toolkit


In conjunction with the Ontario Lung Association’s Smoke-Free Homes and Asthma Project, TEACH through the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health  has developed a trainers’ toolkit specifically for practitioners working in respiratory healthcare. The foundational psychosocial approach in TEACH is Motivational Interviewing (MI), a "collaborative, person-centred form of guiding to elicit and strengthen motivation for change."MI is an evidence-based intervention across a range of health behaviours, and there is a need and demand for MI training among interprofessional health care practitioners in order to build capacity and improve patient engagement, treatment retention and outcomes.
This Trainers' Toolkit incorporates the expertise and feedback from a provincial Needs Assessment Survey and a diverse curriculum planning group. The toolkit is divided into three general sections:
1. Planning tips for facilitators
2. Facilitator resources (for faculty providing MI training in one-day, half-day or one-hour formats)
3. Participant resources (for practitioners attending training in one-day, half-day or one-hour formats).
The toolkit includes facilitation tips and suggestions, learning objectives and detailed lesson plans, presentation slides and speakers' notes, clinical video vignettes and coded video transcripts, interactive exercises and case examples, and additional readings and resources.
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