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Practice Leaders

One of our core goals at TEACH is to facilitate and enhance knowledge transfer to practitioners that have been to our courses with other individuals, groups and organizations in their communities.
TEACH-trained practitioners from the various Tobacco Control Area Networks have stated that they are willing to act as tobacco cessation resources and/or provide training for communities in their region. Note that this is a voluntary activity, and any requests to Practice Leaders may require their managers’ or organizations’ approval, and are contingent on their time and availability. Please contact the Practice Leaders directly with your requests, and note that there may be costs associated with some requests that would need to be covered by the requesting organization or group. Also please note that any training or in-service requests would typically be coordinated by you or your agency (e.g., registration, venue, etc.) – the Practice Leader would provide and facilitate the actual training content. TEACH has produced a Trainers’ Tool-kit – "Fundamentals of Tobacco Interventions" – specifically for this purpose, available to TEACH-trained practitioners.
Self-identified areas of interest/expertise are noted below each of the Practice Leaders’ names, and may include the following:

  • Clinical Consultation: able to answer general questions about tobacco interventions with diverse or specific client populations
  • ​Conference Speaker: able to deliver a conference talk about tobacco cessation counselling
  • In-Service Trainer: able to deliver a training focused on tobacco interventions to staff in your agency or service
  • ​Community Based Trainer: able to deliver a training to community practitioners in your region
  • Link to Information and Resources: able to provide information or resources on tobacco interventions
  • ​Media Interviews: able to speak to print and/or television media about tobacco interventions.
If you are interested in contacting a Tobacco Cessation Practice Leader, simply click on the region map below to access their e-mail address, and outline the nature of your request in your e-mail.
Disclaimer: All individuals listed in this site have attended the university-accredited 3-day TEACH Core Course: "A Comprehensive Course on Smoking Cessation: Essential Skills and Strategies" However, TEACH does not pre-screen Practice Leaders and listings on this site do not imply any endorsement by TEACH of individuals’ knowledge or skills. 

If you have any questions, or require any additional support please contact

Please click on a region to see Practice Leaders​


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