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Ontario HIV Treatment Network

The Ontario HIV Treatment Network has been working in partnership with the Nicotine Dependence Service at CAMH and Toronto Public Health to encourage HIV-positive people to quit smoking. 

Here are some key facts:

  • People living with HIV are two to three times more likely to smoke than people without HIV.
  • Smoking takes a serious toll on the health of people who are HIV-positive. They will lose more life years to smoking than to HIV itself, they’re more likely to develop non-AIDS related diseases such as pneumonia and lung cancer, and they’re less likely to adhere to their antiretroviral therapy.
  • Most people living with HIV want to learn more about the impact of smoking on their health and 40 – 70% want to quit smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke.

A new website has been created for smokers living with HIV, AIDS service organizations and Ontario HIV clinics: Feel free to distribute to your networks.​ 

Reach out to your local ASO and HIV clinic to let them know what’s available to them. A list of Ontario ASOs and HIV clinics (broken down by region) is available here.