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Frequently Asked Questions

The TEACH (Training Enhancement in Applied Cessation Counselling and Health) Project is a Knowledge Translation initiative designed to build interprofessional capacity in evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment among healthcare practitioners. Since the beginning of the project in 2006, TEACH has trained over 6,500 participants from over 36 diverse disciplines, from more than 950 organizations and service settings.
The following document is a compendium of the most frequently asked questions from TEACH participants since 2006. These questions have emerged from trainings, webinars, as well our thriving Community of Practice of TEACH-trained healthcare practitioners. Although we respond to each question as we are asked, we have identified a need to provide further information and evidence-based research around these inquiries. This document containing the most frequently asked questions was created to bridge the gap between the responses we share with practitioners and the request to provide further information. We also wanted to provide a platform where we are able to direct similar inquiries towards a set of prepared responses to allow capacity for new questions to be addressed.
Each question asked in this document provides an evidence-based answer from subject matter experts combined with a comprehensive review of the literature. There are a total of 30 questions that are grouped into 7 content areas:
·         Screening and Assessment
·         Pharmacotherapy
·         Specific Populations
·         Smokeless Tobacco
·         E-Cigarettes
·         Smoke-Free Environments
·         Available Services & Supports
We encourage the dissemination of this document to anyone who may be interested in expanding their knowledge and skills regarding tobacco dependence treatment. Our aim is to provide healthcare practitioners with a resource that can be used to inform daily clinical practice and can be referred to as a reference tool. Also, we aim to expand the knowledge of practitioners beyond standard treatments and encourage exploration of alternative strategies that can enhance clinical practice.

For more information regarding the TEACH Project and our activities, please email