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TEACH Course Fees
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care covers the actual cost of this workshop for new applicants to TEACH courses who work in Ontario. Course registration and materials are covered, with travel and accommodation costs also covered based on organizational resources and need. Participants who work in Ontario are only required to pay an administrative fee which can be paid by the individual or his/her own organization.
The administration fee cannot be waived for any participants, including those employed with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.  
Working Within Ontario
​Core Course ​ Specialty Course​ ​ ​Total Cost
​Option A ​In-Class ​$150 ​In-Class ​$0 ​$150
​Option B ​In-Class ​$150 Online ​$0 ​$150
​Option C ​Online ​$200 In-Class ​$0 ​$200
​Option D ​Online $200​ ​Online $0​ ​$200


The cost for additional Specialty Courses is $500 (in-class).

There is no cost for additional Specialty Courses (online) for those working within Ontario.


Working Outside Ontario


​Core Course ​Specialty Course ​ ​Total Cost
​Option A In-Class ​$900 In-Class​ ​$500 ​$1,400
​Option B In-Class ​$900 ​Online ​$300 ​$1,200
​Option C Online ​$350 ​In-Class ​$500 ​$850
​Option D Online ​$350 ​Online ​$300 $650​



The cost to re-take the Core Course is $900 (in-class) and $350 (online).

The cost for additional Specialty Courses is $500 (in-class) and $300 (online).


Travel and Accommodations Subsidies

For all participants working in Ontario, travel expenses are covered by TEACH. Participants who require train or air travel for in-class trainings are responsible for booking their own travel arrangements through the TEACH approved travel agent. Travel arrangements may only be booked upon acceptance into a TEACH course and further details are outlined in the course package.


In order to be covered for accommodations, participants must meet the following criteria:

*   ​Working in Ontario
​*   ​Living greater than 60 KM from the course location
​*   ​Accepted into the Core and/or first Specialty course 

All accommodations are booked by the TEACH Project.


Ontario participants: For any additional (in-class) courses taken with TEACH, all associated accommodation and travel costs are the responsibility of the participant. 



For those participants who do not require train or air travel, public transportation, car mileage and parking costs may be reimbursed following the training. Participants requiring transportation with GO Transit must book their own travel directly and can submit receipts for reimbursement. Please note that travel is non-refundable once booked.

In order for reimbursement to be processed, the TEACH Project must receive original receipts for all approved costs incurred by the participant. Rental cars, valet parking, and limousines are not covered.