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STOP Portal Training


The STOP Program is transitioning to an online Portal (, with a goal to use less paper. Training video vignettes on how to use the Portal can be found below, and the Training Manual, FAQs and Start-Up Instructions can be found in the "Downloads" section at the right.


Please view all 14 videos below. Videos will play in a new window on our STOP YouTube Channel - clicking the first link below should take you to a playlist of all 14 videos. Please allow pop-ups from our site, and note that YouTube may require the latest version of your browser to play optimally.


If you are having trouble scrolling down on this page, please try using a different internet browser.


 Logging In

For your first time logging into the STOP Portal, you will receive an email from STOP with the subject line "Welcome to the STOP Portal." The email will contain a URL link and your temporary password. After logging in you will be prompted to change your password.


Logging in for the First Time

Changing Password and Contact Information



Enrolling Participants and Visit Forms

There are several methods of enrolling a participant in the STOP Online Portal. Please enlarge Image 1 on the right to view a flowchart of the different ways that you can enroll a patient/client. These two videos below show how you can enroll someone by both Option A and Option B.

Enrolling a New Patient

Enrolling a New Patient contd.


ALL completed paper copies of forms MUST be sent to STOP (we are required to collect all source documentation). This includes signed consent forms.



Completing an Intervention/Visit Form

Blue visit form information can now be easily entered directly online. Once your patients/clients are in the system, all visits should be entered directly online to ensure that patient and site NRT inventories are as up-to-date as possible. This also eliminates the need to send paper versions of visit forms to STOP. Image 2 on the right illustrates the two ways to complete a visit form.


Completing an Intervention Form



Updating/VIewing a Patient Profile


Patient Follow-ups

This optional feature will allow you to complete and view patient follow-up survey data. This is typically done 3-, 6- and 12-months after enrollment by our STOP staff but now, this feature is available for practitioners who wish to help. Currently, patients who do not complete follow-ups are assumed to still be smoking. Therefore, the greater the completion rate, the more accurate the quit rate statistics.


Patient Follow-ups


Marking Patients as Deceased or Withdrawn

Deceased – STOP team will follow up with a site when a patient is marked as deceased in order to prepare a Serious Adverse Event report

Withdrawn – Site implementers will receive an email when a patient is withdrawn from their site (both when initiated by the site or by our STOP staff)


Marking Patients as Deceased

Withdrawing a Patient


Viewing Dispensed NRT

By entering all visit forms for a patient on the STOP Portal, the system will accurately display the total number of weeks of NRT dispensed to that patient. The practitioner can also easily view in the system the most recent amount of NRT dispensed in order to inform a subsequent visit.


Viewing Dispensed NRT



Re-enrolling Patients

Clients/Patients can be re-enrolled in STOP. As per Operations Training instructions, re-enrolled patient IDs should be prefixed with ‘R1-‘ (for first re-enrollments), ‘R2-‘ (for second re-enrollments), and so on.


Re-enrolling a Patient



NRT Ordering 

Only Main Collaborators will have the ability to order and receive NRT inventory on the portal.

The online NRT ordering system replaces the fax system as all NRT can now be ordered, and receipt of NRT updated, online.
Inventory will be accurately displayed once all visit forms are entered directly into the system. One of the key benefits to the STOP Online Portal is that all patient/client NRT dispensed will be updated in real time, and in turn so will the site’s NRT inventory.

Placing an Order for NRT

Full NRT Receipts

Partial NRT Receipts



Inventory Adjustments

An inventory adjustment will be required when a site is ready to use the online NRT inventory system. This can only be done when all visit forms are being entered directly into the portal. This feature can also be used when transferring NRT to another site or when dispensing a sample box of short-acting NRT. All inventory adjustments need to be justified using the ‘comments’ section.


Inventory Adjustments 





​For Portal technical support, or for questions related to the STOP Program, please e-mail or contact your STOP Coordinator directly.



To download a comprehensive training manual for the STOP Online Portal, click here:

STOP Portal Training Manual Outline for Practitioners_v5.0_Apr_2016.pdfSTOP Portal Training Manual Outline for Practitioners_v5.0_Apr_2016.pdf


Please be sure to read the Start Up Instructions prior to logging into the STOP Portal. Please click here to download.



Please click here to download some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) concerning using the portal


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