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Welcome to the MATCH Study

Thank you for your interest in the MATCH Study. 

Unfortunately, enrollment period for the study has ended. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

Good luck with your quit attempt!​           


 ​Medication Aids for Tobacco Cessation and Health 

If you are a current smoker and would like to quit, please continue reading to learn how the MATCH Study can help you with your journey to becoming smoke-free.            


Smoking is associated with a number of serious health issues. Quitting smoking can be 
the single most beneficial thing smokers can do to improve their health. Well-validated research studies have consistently shown that using smoking cessation medications doubles the chances of successfully quitting.                             

MATCH is an internet-based research study being conducted by the scientists at the Nicotine Dependence Clinic at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). The purpose of this research study is to assess the real-world effectiveness of approved prescription-only smoking cessation medications, bupropion and varenicline. This study will provide 12 weeks of medication at no cost to help participants quit smoking. MATCH is open to residents of Ontario, 19 years or older, who wish to quit smoking within 30 days of receiving the assigned study medication, and meet the study's eligibility criteria.

For more detailed information about the study click here 
REB Protocol Number # 200/2012