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Terms of Use Nicotine Dependence Website

Use of the Nicotine Dependence website (“Website”) and/or mobile application (“Application”) by you (“You”, with references to and “Your” as applicable) is subject to acceptance of the following terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”). Please read these carefully, and indicate Your acceptance of them on the registration page by clicking on the box that indicates You have read and agree to the Terms of Use.
We will refer to the Website and Application together as the “CAMH Media”.

Appropriateness of Participation
As a condition of Your participation in the CAMH Media programs and activities, You agree to support CAMH’s goals of civility and privacy. Postings must be appropriate. Postings that demonstrate elements of the following will be deleted by the CAMH moderator, in his or her sole discretion:

  • Harassment
  • Posting of personal information about one or more individuals (including mention of a patient by name or other identifier) that such individual(s) would not reasonably expect to be made available in this forum or in a manner prohibited by law
  • Crude, profane or salacious language
  • Discrimination on any basis, including physical or mental disability, race, creed, colour, sex, country of origin,

Posting of objectionable material may be grounds for revocation of Your access to the CAMH Media.

Views Expressed are Those of Users

The CAMH Media provides various self-help tools for those suffering from nicotine dependence and their concerned significant others, and may provide collaboration and communication forums for these users as well as professional users. The purpose of the forums is to create and sustain an online community dedicated to providing an opportunity for users to exchange ideas, provide information, and facilitate general dialogue and opinions. As such, the content appearing in a Nicotine Dependence Portal Discussion Board does not necessarily reflect the views of CAMH, and CAMH assumes no responsibility nor liability for the materials found in such discussion boards or other collaboration and communication forums, nor for any claims, damages or losses resulting from any use of this service or the materials contained therein.

Abusive Expressions or Inadvertent Disclosure by Others

CAMH is not responsible for the content of any postings by its users within collaboration and communication forums. You specifically acknowledge that CAMH is not liable for the defamatory, negligent, inaccurate, offensive, or illegal conduct of users, links, or third parties and the risk of injury from the foregoing rests entirely with You.

Links from the CAMH Media to other sites, where available, do not constitute an endorsement of these sites by CAMH. These links are provided as an information service only. It is Your responsibility to evaluate the content and usefulness of information obtained from other sites.

The CAMH Media and Its Online Community Do Not Provide Medical Advice
The contents of the CAMH Media, including postings, messages, text, graphics, images, and other material contained on  collaboration and communication forums ("Content") are for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek the immediate or timely advice of Your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions You may have regarding a medical condition. You should never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something You have read or seen on the CAMH Media, including the Content as described above.

Collaboration and Communication Forums Information that CAMH May Log
The CAMH Media may provide various collaboration and communication forums for its users, including discussion boards, chat rooms, forums, message boards, and news groups. Any information that a user discloses in these areas may become public and the user should therefore exercise caution when deciding what to disclose in such places (including the personal information of the user or others). Be aware that the information that users contribute to collaboration and communication forums, such as discussion board postings and chat sessions, may be logged by CAMH, as further described below.

Server Log Information that CAMH Gathers
CAMH web servers generate logs that may contain information about computers or devices used to access the Website or about general activity on the CAMH Media, such as the following:

  • Internet address of computer or device
  • Type of browser or other application used
  • The operating system of the computer or device
  • Web pages requested by users
  • Referring Web pages
  • Time spent on the site

CAMH Web server administrators may produce summary reports from these logs and share that information with CAMH Media content managers who typically use this information in aggregate to understand what pages are popular, how users are navigating to and within their site, and when their sites are used most frequently. While information in server logs generally cannot be used to identify individuals, You should be aware that such information inadvertently may be captured.  CAMH Web server administrators also use logs for error identification and tracking, as well as audit purposes.

Cookies and Login Security
Cookies are small pieces of data stored by a Web browser on a user’s computer. Cookies are often used to retain information about preferences and pages a user has visited. For example, when a user visits some sites on the Web, You might see a “Welcome Back” message. The first time You visited the site a cookie was probably stored on the user’s computer; upon Your return, the cookie is read again. You can refuse to accept cookies, and disable cookies and remove cookies from Your hard drive. Cookies are used so You will not have to repeatedly enter user names and passwords when You go to different parts of the Website.
Some sites require the use of cookies in order to access the site, such as website locations requiring “bluestem” authentication. CAMH web servers sometimes use cookies with websites that require online community members to log in with their CAMH-provided username and password. The user is required to enter his/her username and password in order to access certain Content in the Website.

Continuity of Data Provided
As a result of the dynamic nature of the Internet, resources that are free and publicly available one day may require a fee or restricted access the next, and the location of items may change as menus, pages, and files are reorganized. You expressly agree that use of the CAMH Media is at Your sole risk. CAMH does not warrant that the service will be uninterrupted or error free. The documents and related graphics published via the CAMH Media could contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. CAMH may make improvements and/or changes in the information and/or programs described herein at any time.

CAMH Standard License Agreement Terms
The CAMH Standard License Agreement Terms for Nicotine Dependence found at are hereby incorporated by reference into these Terms & Conditions).

By accepting these Terms & Conditions, You agree to assume liability for Your actions while using the CAMH Media; You will indemnify CAMH for any and all claims arising from its operation of the Website; You will abide by all policies applicable to  the CAMH Media, as well as all applicable provincial and federal laws; You will limit CAMH’s liability by agreeing that CAMH will not be responsible for any specific level of service, but, rather will provide service on an “as is, where is” basis; and You will provide that either You or CAMH may terminate this Agreement without prior notice.

If You do not agree to accept these Terms & Conditions, You may close this window now and stop the CAMH Media registration process. Once registered, Your continued use of the CAMH Media signals your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.