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Seed Grants
2011-2012 Seed Grant Iteration

CAN-ADAPTT’s 2011-2012 seed grant iteration focused on the implementation of CAN-ADAPTT's smoking cessation guideline.  The aim was to achieve knowledge transfer, increased uptake and capacity for evidence-based practice in smoking cessation. Six grants were awarded. A variety of guideline sections were implemented in different practice settings and geographic locations.  Click here to view a complete listing of recipients and their respective project titles. 


2008-2010 Seed Grant Iteration

CAN-ADAPTT has previously offered seed grant awards of up to $5,000 to Canadian researcher-practitioner teams, encouraging practice-informed research.  Twelve successful applicants were awarded seed grants from 2008-2010 (listed below). 
Download the complete report on CAN-ADAPTT's seed grant initiative methodology, outcomes and key impacts here:

1.  Kelly Patricia Ann Arbour, Guy Faulkner, Tony Cohn. Translating research into practice: Lessons on integrating physical activity into smoking cessation counselling in women with severe mental illness. 
2.  Sean Patrick Barrett, Kimberly Good, Heather Milliken, Maria Alexiadis, Michael Teehan. The effects of tobacco and nicotine on cigarette craving and withdrawal in psychotic and non-psychotic smokers.  
3.  Julie Brule, Michele Tremblay, Smoking cessation counselling practices among Quebec optometrists: a survey on their beliefs, practices and needs in terms of training and educational tools.
4.  Russell Callaghan, Will Elliott, Samantha Young. Contraband Tobacco and Smoking Cessation Outcomes in Substance-Abuse Treatment.
5.  Michael Robert DeVillaer, Barney Savage. Survey of Ontario Addiction Treatment Programs.  
6.  Charl Els, Diane Kunyk. Tobacco Control for Canadian Students in the Health Disciplines.
7.  John M. Garcia, Suzanne Thibault, Joanne Bradley, Jessica Lang, Nicole Frappier, Roy Cameron, Kelli-an Lawrance, Paul McDonald, Nadia Minian, Barbara Riley, Robert Schwartz, Christine Stich. Practice-based evidence for evidence-informed smoking cessation interventions: A community-based approach to theory building, evaluation and capacity building.
8.  Jennifer Irwin, Don Morrow, Karen Loney, Laura Zettler, Craig Hall. A Pilot Project Assessing Motivational Interviewing via Co-Active Life Coaching as an Intervention for Smoking Cessation.
9.  Ryan David Kennedy, Annette Schultz, Marlee M. Spafford, Matthew D. Iley. Smoking Cessation Referrals and Optometrists - Assessing Practices and Opportunities in Canada.
10.  Milan Khara, Patrick Yu, Chizimuzo Okoli, Lorraine Greaves. Promoting smoking cessation among surgery patients: A pilot trial.
11.  Cynthia Lynn Murray, Sandra P. Small. Lorraine Burrage. The Experience of Smoking or Quitting Smoking for Pregnant Women.
12.  Charles Nelson, Dr. Ken Lee, Jane Gallimore, Dana Martel, Dr. Don Richardson, Dr. Maya Roth, Kate St. Cyr, Dr. David Wright. An Analysis of Smoking Patterns and Cessation Efforts Among Canadian Forces Veterans: An Exploration of the Transtheoretical Model.