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CAN-ADAPTT's Guideline development methodology flowchart can be seen below.  A complete methodology will be available in shortly.


CAN-ADAPTT used a unique approach to guideline development in two ways:
1. Build from existing guidelines
CAN-ADAPTT worked with the Guidelines Advisory Committee (GAC) to conduct a literature search (years: 2002-2009) to identify existing clinical practice guidelines (CPGs). Five existing clinical practice guidelines were identified as meeting the high quality criteria set out in the AGREE Instrument. The recommendations contained in these high-quality CPGs have been used as the evidence base for the CAN-ADAPTT guideline development process


 2. Best available evidence filtered through end-users

CAN-ADAPTT used a practice-informed approach to engage target end-users and a broad range of researchers to inform different stages of the development phase.  So for example, at the draft summary statement stage Network members provided direct input, through facilitated group work, into clinical considerations for the summary statements. 


 In addition, practitioner, stakeholder and researcher input was collected via:

· Annual General Meetings (n=2 with 50-60 participants)

·          Stakeholder meetings (n=118)

·          Presentations/Workshops (n=39)

·          Teleconferences/Webcasts (n=15)

·          Online discussion board (posts, n=221)

·          Member surveys (n=3)


Guideline Development Methodology.jpg