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Smoking Cessation
Knowledge Exchange Network
& Clinical Practice Guideline


CAN-ADAPTT is a national guideline development, dissemination and exchange project.
An online network and coordinated engagement activities across Canada allow members to provide ongoing input into CAN-ADAPTT’s guideline; discuss best practices, identify research gaps and share resources. This Practice-Informed approach ensures the needs and experiences of the target end users are reflected in the CAN-ADAPTT guideline.
CAN-ADAPTT: The Canadian Action Network for the Advancement, Dissemination and Adoption of Practice-informed Tobacco Treatment.

VIDEO: Quitting Smoking is a Journey
A short animated video exploring what works and what doesn't work when thinking about quitting smoking



CAN-ADAPTT has now reached the end of its funding period.
A report is available highlighting CAN-ADAPTT’s achievements from 2008-2012 (Highlights).  The launch of an adapted wiki platform will allow network members to continue to update the guideline, to ensure usability and applicability to the Canadian context, and to incorporate new evidence as it becomes available.  
A series of educational webinars will be offered in 2012-2013 to discuss the use of this wiki platform.  To receive updates on this webinar series, register to join the network.  We will continue to seek additional opportunities to ensure the sustainability of CAN-ADAPTT’s network and guideline.
We would like to acknowledge and thank Health Canada, CAN-ADAPTT’s committee members, stakeholders and network members for their significant contributions and ongoing support of the CAN-ADAPTT initiative.    Updated: March 30, 2012


to connect with practitioners, researchers and policy makers across Canada
a Canadian practice-informed, evidence-based,  clinical practice guideline  
on the guideline via the discussion board
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