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​​​​​​​​Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women  Tools and Resources

The following tools/resources are included in CAN-ADAPTT's guideline and have been reviewed by the Guideline Development Group (GDG).

Couples and Smoking: What you need to know when you are pregnant

·  This is a self-help booklet for pregnant women who smoke. In this booklet you will learn how routines, habits, and ways of interacting with your partner influence smoking. Understanding how smoking is influenced by others and everyday routines is an important first step in changing smoking behaviours. If you decide to reduce or stop smoking, you can use this booklet along with other resources to support you in reaching your goals.
·  A guide giving background on tobacco cessation for women, and step by step instructions to helping women quit smoking. It tells you what questions to ask to identify a cessation approach for each woman, and it points you to resources to address her needs.
Alcohol, Drug and Education Service, BC
·  Website with the mission to improve the health of mothers, fetuses, babies and children. 
·  Goals: To eliminate smoking in pregnant and postpartum women by increasing the capacity to quit and stay quit using a woman centred model of care.
·  Online resource, discussion board
·  This specialty course manual will allow clinicians to increase their knowledge about tobacco use, screening, assessment, and interventions with pregnant and postnatal women. The price of this manual reflects only the development and labor costs associated with its production.
·  Course manual and in-person training
·  Connected to Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto, Motherisk provides online information on the risks of using substances (including tobacco) while pregnant.  It also offers telephone counselling for women, and consultation for service providers.
·  Website, telephone counselling
·  1-877-327-4636
·  This booklet is based on fathers’ experiences of reducing and quitting smoking. The quotes in the booklet are from expectant and new dads who smoke or have recently reduced or quit and offer their thoughts and ideas. This booklet is for men who identify with the challenges around being an expectant or new dad who smokes.

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