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​​​​​​Mental Health and/or Other Addiction(s)   Summary Statements

CAN-ADAPTT’s development process reflects a dynamic opportunity to ensure that its guideline is practice informed and addresses issues of applicability in the Canadian context. It has built from the evidence and recommendations contained in existing guidelines. It did not review the primary literature to inform the development of its Summary Statements unless emerging evidence was identified by the Guideline Development Group. The CAN-ADAPTT Guideline Development Group has provided the below Summary Statements for Mental Health and/or Other Addiction(s).


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Summary Statement #1 –


Health care providers should screen persons with mental illness and/or addictions for tobacco use. GRADE*: 1A


Summary Statement #2 –
Health care providers should offer counselling and pharmacotherapy treatment to persons who smoke and have a mental illness and/or addiction to other substances.  GRADE*: 1A

Summary Statement #3 –
While reducing smoking or abstaining (quitting), health care providers should monitor the patients’/clients’ psychiatric condition(s) (mental health status and/or other addiction(s)). Medication dosage should be monitored and adjusted as necessary. GRADE*:1A

*GRADE: Click here for Grade of Recommendation and Level of Evidence Summary Table.

  Mental Health and/or Other Addiction(s)